Franks Furniture Service
Franks Furniture Service

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Get Your Worn, Scratched, or Damaged Furniture Fixed

Furniture Repair in Warren, MI

I am Frank Liuzzo, and I am an on-site tech for all your furniture repairs and restorations. I will arrive at your door to restore the luxury and aesthetics of your abode. Get your worn, scratched, or damaged furniture fixed by the expert and eliminate chances of going months without your furniture. Without moving bulky and heavy furniture, your repairs will be completed on-time. Your furniture is available for usage even when my work requires more than a day's work.

Franks Furniture Service


Over the years, I have gained unmatched experience in the business with expertise that allows me to deliver the highest quality of furniture repair and restoration work. It is superior to the market standards that involves high expenses and no facility for in-house services.

I am the owner and a one-person show for now. I ensure direct interactions of a customer, or a company, with me to better understand the work at hand. And who better to work alongside than the person most invested in the business?

Besides restoring and repairing the furniture, I also do a lot of work with kitchens and bathrooms, specifically in areas where water is used regularly. Cabinets in the kitchen, floorboards, around the microwave, etc., my mission is to make your home, kitchen, or bathroom look amazing for a reasonable price!

Why Choose Frank?

I have the experience and knowledge to offer high-quality services in furniture restoration and repairs, including kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, desks, offices, and lobbies. I do not do any refinishing!

Check out my work in the before and after photos and reach out to me for further information. You can contact me on my phone number, which is the preferred communication method. If you drop me a mail, I take up to a couple of days to send a response. I have no physical address.

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The preferred method of communication is a telephone call. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response via email.

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